Donna Wick Public Relations



“I’ve been on all sides of media as editor-in-chief of a magazine, editor of a newspaper, a syndicated talk radio host, a television talk show host and published author. I know the exact type of content editors, program managers, news anchors, and broadcasters are looking for and how they want that content delivered.”

How We Work
​Weekly meetings/reporting for real-time communication of projects, events and media submissions. One flat monthly fee to generate as much media as possible with relevant, newsworthy articles and pitches to local, regional and national media outlets. Guaranteed Deliverables!

Here’s an Inside Tip!

The FIRST question a typical PR firm will ask you is: “What is your advertising budget?” This is a clue!
They are not a true PR firm – they are an Advertising Agency looking like a PR firm. Vewy, vewy bad!

We are not an advertising agency – we work harder than that. We are true Publicists and will generate “Wicked Publicity” for you!
We don’t want to spend your money – We want to make you money!

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