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Our secret sauce?

“I’ve been on all sides of media as editor-in-chief of a magazine, editor of a newspaper, a syndicated talk radio host, a television talk show host and published author. I know the exact type of content editors, program managers, news anchors, and broadcasters are looking for and how they want that content delivered.”

Donna Wick Milstead, PhD / Publicist & Media Strategist, specializes in high-content Radio, Television, Print and Online media distribution through Local, Regional, and National media outlets for nonprofit agencies, community leaders and innovative companies.

Donna Wick was a nationally syndicated talk radio host with “Vision for America”, a Monday-Friday, drive-time broadcast and was heard all over the world with her online simulcasts and MSN features. She was also a Houston-based television talk show host with, “You Make A Difference”. Currently she hosts, Donna Wick Live! Intelligent Radio for Women.

“I’ve been on all sides of media and promotion. I know what editors, program directors and producers are looking for and how they want that content delivered.” Donna Wick Milstead, PhD

Kent & Spiegel, nationally acclaimed infomercial producers, featured Donna Wick, along with Rob Weller of Entertainment Tonight, in an infomercial called, “Awaken the God Within” a program written and produced by Dr. Wick launching a national lecture tour.

Donna Wick has been a featured expert on NBC’s TalkCity, Tony Robbins’, and She has completed and facilitated Anthony Robbins’ Unlimited Power Weekend firewalk programs and was a graduate and trainer for Dale Carnegie.

She has been published in the New York Times best-seller, “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul”; written for American Media, publishers of pocket publications and STAR/Enquirer magazines; and has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers. She has authored three books of her own: The Day God Smiled, Meditations at The Speed of Life, and The “I Am” Messages.

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